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Babydoll Nightwear

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Coined after the 1956 film of the same name, the babydoll nightwear is a type of seductive sleepwear. Fashioned after the film’s heroine who wore short, sexy nightdresses known for their eroticism, these outfits have now become a staple with women due to their popularity among men.

A baby doll is a front open short nightdress with a bralette design at the top. Since it is usually short enough to expose a woman’s underwear, a thong or a g-string accompanies it. The babydoll comes with a number of feminine touches like lace, ruffles or bows. Usually satin nightwear, it can also be see through and use materials like crepe or chiffon.

A truly feminine piece, babydoll nightwear is known for its shy and flirty appearance and is a favourite among men which leads to it being a staple among the ladies. Sultry and erotic, the babydoll leaves little to the imagination making it a must have to spice things up in the bedroom.

A personal favourite among newly married women and honeymooners, the babydoll nightwear for women does not seem to disappoint in any way and is available in a host of different varieties to choose from.