Panty Must-haves!
Often, when the discussion is about lingerie, we tend to focus on bras a lot more than we do with panties. Wearing the right fitting underwear is just as important as a perfect bra. Here’s a quick guide to getting your underwear essentials right.
1. Briefs: Briefs are a classic silhouette in panties that never go out of style. They have a traditional mid rise compared to the low rise panties and offer medium to full coverage. Briefs go with everything you wear, and are extremely comfortable and perfect for everyday use. When in doubt, go for briefs!
2. Bikini: Bikini panties are similar to briefs – they just have a lower rise with lesser coverage. Bikinis are a fashion essential and are the number one style worn by women worldwide. Whether its prints or solid colours, you should definitely stock up on bikinis in your lingerie wardrobe.
3. Hipster: Hipster panties are perfect if you’re looking for full coverage and comfort. The word hipster comes from "hips" as the hipster is worn around the hips. Hipster panties have a low rise and the elastic waistband and the snug fit make these ideal for daily use. Your back gets maximum coverage with the hipster panty, so they can be worn under trousers quite comfortably.
4. Thong: The thong is a lingerie essential that is an absolute must have in your closet. It provides minimal rear coverage and the thin strip of fabric keeps it in place. The thong is a perfect fit for figure hugging skirts and dresses as it ensures that there are no visible panty lines and no rolling up of panty fabric. It provides for a smooth look and is not just a lingerie necessity, but also a part of your wardrobe necessity.
5. No Lines Panty: Visible Panty Lines under fitting dresses is one of most common fashion faux pas that are made. It’s essential to have a panty that shows no lines whatsoever. The Silicon Floss panty from amante is a product that meets your fashion and comfort needs in one place. Available in styles of hipster and brief, the Silicon Floss panty is made of smooth microfiber and gives you a flawless finish. This means zero Visible Panty Lines. It has no elastication and the silicone flocking used on the edges of the panty will keep you comfortable all day long. Want to buy the Silicon Floss panty? Click here.
Dare to Be
  • - The right kind of lingerie is a great confidence booster for many women. Pile up on your collection of bikinis and thongs so that you can wear them on multiple occasions due to their versatile use.
  • - Worried of not getting a matching bra for the panty you like? You don’t always have to conform. Mixing and matching is more fun, and the fit is always more important than colour.
Style Tips
  • - Hipster panties work well with jeans and pants, and they give you full coverage.
  • - Thongs are ideal under that sexy Little Black Dress that you have or for that perfect skirt where your figure stands out.
  • - The Silicon Floss panty is a comfortable and versatile panty that can be worn under any outfit. Avoid Visible Panty Lines and fashion worries with this little life-saver.