For the Enigmatic woman
Ever wanted to wear lingerie that looked and felt invisible under your perfectly put outfit? Love lingerie but not the lines it brings? Worry not. amante has been listening, ladies, and we have a solution tailor-made for you!
Presenting the all new Enigma collection from amante – a range of fashionable seamless lingerie specially crafted to ensure that you have no visible lines or bulges. The Enigma collection uses bonded flat seam technology that enables stitch-free seams on garments, which creates flatter and smoother seams. The bonding technique connects the fabric with heat and glue instead of bulky stitches. This means no more nicks, no digging, and absolutely no ugly lines, ladies. Yay!
Seamless lingerie is an absolute must-have in your wardrobe, which is why the Enigma collection is indispensable to your fashion needs. Nothing looks better under fitting clothing than lingerie that is smooth and practically invisible. Bulges that result from a poor fit and straps and cups that show under your outfit are an absolute no-no. Investing in a good seamless bra and brief will do wonders for your outfit and your figure, and will help you work that strut confidently.
amanté’s Enigma collection boasts of a variety of seamless bras and briefs in an array of colours to go with any outfit. From corals to perky pinks, bizarre blues and naughty nudes, Enigma has them all. Are you thinking florals? We have taken care of your fashion need too. The collection meets you at the sweet spot of all your fashion and comfort needs in lingerie.
amanté has designed this line to be so soft, so comfortable, and so versatile you'll never want to get out of them. Each piece provides you with absolute comfort and the stitch-free fabric ensures that your skin breathes freely. Say goodbye to visible panty lines and other lingerie faux pas with Enigma from amanté, which gives you all the rich comfort and silken softness you demand — and deserve.
Style Tips
  • Wearing nude lingerie under fitted garments is the answer to a perfect look . Try the Smooth Caress bra and brief in Sandalwood White Smoke under a white shirt for a smart look.
  • If lace is what you love, get that flirty black dress and pair it with the Lace Embrace bra and brief for a smooth, no-show look.
Dare to be:
  • Seamless lingerie doesn’t have to be saved for a special occasion. Wearing it to work under a fitting shirt/top/dress would also add to your confidence and complete your ensemble.
  • The bras and briefs from the Enigma Collection are soft and comfortable enough for you to wear from everything under a body hugging t-shirt and to even go to sleep in.