Does an evening breeze ever tire you? Do you ever get bored of listening to your favourite artist? If you’ve answered at least one of these questions in negative, you’re probably a connoisseur of priceless experiences.

Whether you are a lingerie connoisseur or are looking to build your lingerie wardrobe from scratch, here’s a cheat list of our must-have styles, our Superstars!

Floral Romance

This style is exceedingly feminine and intricately lacy. It provides perfect contouring and support that almost belies its poetic charm. The lace, while being sensuous, does not show under the most fitted outfits. In other words, it has the richness of exquisite lingerie and the utility of an everyday tshirt bra. Just what you need to spice up a boring weekday at work.

Features: Flat Bonded for Zero Show Through | Full Cover

Cool Contour

Perfect for a busy day out, this undeniably cool bra gives you the comfort of a sports bra along with the contouring of a tshirt bra. This style is a great pick for hot and humid days when you’re likely to sweat a lot. It keeps you fresh by absorbing moisture throughout the day, thus making it the ultimate 9-5 bra.

Features: Side Contouring | No Show Look | Full Cover | Broad Straps for All Day Comfort | Aloe Treated for a Fresher Experience

Radiant Chic

This bra comes with no strings attached! No kidding. Delightfully versatile, this bra has detachable straps that can be removed depending on the outfit you plan to wear. The demi cups on this bra also lets you wear outfits with low necklines without showing. Comfort is not a price you have to pay for this multipurpose bra as it is made of breathable fabric that lets you be, all day long.

Features: Moulded Cups | Made of Soft Cotton | No Show Look | Lightly Padded


Fun and cute, the florette lends a chic vibe to the wearer. Made of microfiber fabric, it is extremely soft to the touch. The floral print on this non-wired padded bra is complemented by the rosette bow and solid straps. While the moulding shapes your silhouette beautifully, the cradle gives you support, making it an interesting pick for a dull day.

Features: Lightly Padded | Full Cover | Brushed Hook & Eye

Satin Edge

Classy and elegant, the satin edge bra works great under formal wear as well as party wear. The glossy satin detail along the neckline adds sophistication to this underwired padded bra. The microfiber lends a smooth and sensuous feel to the bra. This one is for special days, indeed!

Features: Moulded cups | No show look | Full Cover | Brushed Hook & Eye

Here you have, the bestsellers from amanté's world of intimate wear. Shop these styles and be lingerie-ready every time.