While some of us have a regular workout schedule going on, the rest of us have perfected the art of setting and snoozing alarms. Doesn’t matter which category you fall under, here is a list of reasons why you “shouldn’t” workout.

1) You'll build lean muscle

You’ve probably been stared at by men at the gym. After all, gym is a man’s playground, and you’re a mere distraction. And god forbid if you opt for resistance a.k.a. weight training and enter the iron-pumping “man territory”! You’re sure to be gawked at by sweaty, grizzly men, who’re probably wondering what you’ll do with all the lean muscle and strength gained. Because women are supposed to be dainty, right?

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2) You'll flaunt your “un-sanskaari” wardrobe

A side effect of working out is that you feel great about your body, thereby making you want to expand your wardrobe. You’ll love wearing open back tank tops, sports bras, bikinis and will care less about society’s approval.

3) You'll set goals and achieve them

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to keep up with regular workout schedules. You eventually become disciplined and that sort of spills over to other aspects of your life. You’ll become a go-getter, thus shedding a woman’s traditional role of a damsel in distress. Why would you want to experience the rush of finishing your first 10K run?

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4) You'll want to be on top

When you exercise, your body releases endorphins into your bloodstream. No, runners’ high is not a myth! These endorphins will leave you feeling great and pepped up throughout the day. Whether in office or at home, you’ll want to be on top things!

5) You'll get better at sports

Working out regularly makes you agile and nimble on your feet. It also improves your reflexes, thus making you better at sports. Now why would you want to enjoy playing sports, you’ll have to “bro-fist” and “chest bump”, right? Be warned, you’ll need a high-intensity workout bra in case you still decide to run, jump and prance around.