Much like your pair of old jeans, bras have a way of growing on you. They become so comfortable that you can’t imagine trading them in for a new pair. However, after a point, bras do get worn out and stop doing their job well. Many a time, an old bra might look wearable but will have limited functionality. When do you draw the line, and toss the bra out of your closet? While there is no fixed duration for which bras can be used, here are 5 pointers:

  1. When your cup is half full

    You definitely need a new bra! Same goes for cups that spill. Your body undergoes changes constantly and so do your breasts. So, chances are that even a sparsely used bra that has been around for a while might be an ill-fit. A bra doesn’t necessarily have to be old or worn out in order to be discarded.Determine your best fit here.

  2. The straps don’t snap anymore

    Snapping straps are signs of a healthy bra, well in its prime. Once the straps stop snapping or need to be re-adjusted constantly so they don’t slip off the shoulders, it is a sign that you need to get rid of them! It can be difficult to replace your favourite bra, but you won’t regret it. Get a snappy new bra now!

  3. Your breasts are facing east and west or going down south

    Facing trouble with your breasts having compatibility issues?Or is it their sagging that is pulling you down? A simple solution to these problems lies in a new bra! Wearing well-fitted bra can make your breasts assume their erstwhile perky appearance. Don’t wait, throw your old bra away! Explore comfortable styles for everyday use here.

  4. When the underwire decides to come out

    The only thing more irritating than an unsolicited Facebook poke from a stranger is an underwire poke. When the underwire stops supporting and starts poking, take it as a sign of rebellion. Throw away the bra as soon as possible! Same goes for twisted underwires that cause great discomfort. Find uber-comfortable underwired bras here.

  5. When the moulds are out of shape

    Compromising on contouring is a strict no-no! If your moulded bra has gone out of shape or looks wrinkled, it’s time to buy a new one! There is no resurrection for a bra with mangled cups. It is beyond repair. Misshapen bras can ruin your meticulously-put-together outfits. Get a perfectly contoured moulded bra here!

    So, ladies, keep your eyes out for these 5 indicators and keep your bra collection fresh and comfortable always!