While the world celebrates International Women’s Day once a year on 8th of March, women world over win battles every day. So why wait for that one day to let people tell you how awesome you are? Why bask in all the self-love and glorification for just one day? Shouldn’t we be patting our own backs every time we save the day?
Here are ten everyday victories that say you’re your own everyday hero. 

  1. You’ve moved to a new city all by yourself
    Stepping out of the warm and protected environment of one’s home and moving to a new city is never easy. If you’ve found a new house, made new friendsand explored the city while taking care of your basic everyday needs, celebrate your victory!
  2. Broken free from toxic relationships
    Whether a thankless friendship or an abusive boyfriend, if you’ve walked away from it for your wellbeing, you’ve done great! Women have been celebrated for giving up their needs and placing others before self. Well, you’ve broken that trend and said “no” to be taken for granted.
  3. Settled an argument sanely while PMSing
    Some women have it easy, but the rest, don’t – PMS can make women irritable and angry. Rarely do men (and a few women) realize that PMS is real and not just a butt of sexist jokes! So, if you’ve tackled an idiot sanely while PMSing, you sure deserve a glass of Rosé.
  4. Made a kickass presentation on a hungover Monday
    You’re a successful corporate woman, Monday-Friday, but come weekend, you know how to let your hair down! So, hungover or not hungover, you always give your best to work on a Monday morning. Here’s to being professional while not missing out on fun.
  5. Planned and followed a diet of your choice
    While occasional binge eating is comforting, what matters the most is what you eat every day. If you’ve been successfully committed to a healthy diet for more than 6 months, you’re a hero.
  6. Have a thriving garden co-existing with a pet
    While gardening is a delicately difficult activity by itself, having a fur buddy in the house makes it a challenging one. So, if you’ve managed to keep both your plants and pets, happy, you’re certified awesome!
  7. Invested in your body and soul
    Is a small portion of your monthly paycheck dedicated to buying things solely for yourself? Whether it is lingerie or a comic book collection, you value your needs over others’ opinions. You’re sorted!
  8. Have inspired other women to love themselves
    Like they say, strong women don’t just lift weights, they lift each other, up! They’re not insecure about competition and believe in helping each other out whenever necessary. Raise your hand if you’ve helped a fellow woman. You’re a hero :)
  9. Gotten out of your comfort zone
    Have you tried a new sport that you never thought you would, or travelled solo to conquer your fears? Welcome to the club of awesome women! Strong women aren’t unafraid, they’re just brave and face their fears.
  10. Skipped your favourite late night show for an early morning workout

    If you’ve got what it takes to stick to your fitness regime, even if it means giving up on your favorite late night show or turning down a party invite, you are probably superhuman. Just kidding, you’re an inspiration and here’s some workout motivation for you from amanté.