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The Land of Smiles – this and a lot more phrases have been used to describe Thailand, a place of natural beauty, sun-kissed beaches, fascinating cultures and friendly locals. And you’ll end up having a smile on your face too, once you know that you can win a luxury trip to this country!

Indian summeris notorious for the unbearable heat it wreaks upon us. But, like they say, every cloud has a silver lining, and summer heat is no different. Imagine sipping on an iced latte on a sunny afternoon or taking a cool shower after a long sweaty day! Who can resist the charm of a breezy summer evening that beckons you to “slow walk” to the rhythm of whooshing leaves?

While some of us have a regular workout schedule going on, the rest of us have perfected the art of setting and snoozing alarms. Doesn’t matter which category you fall under, here is a list of reasons why you “shouldn’t” workout.

For the woman of today, who is independent and fashion forward, lingerie is an intrinsic part of her wardrobe. She is successful and confident, because she iscomfortable in her skin, regardless of her size.

Wouldn’t you agree that a true fashionista can be the most indulgent shopper ever? One of the signs of afashionista is that they spend twice as much on intimates than they do on outfits. To them, it is very important to look and feel good on the inside as they do on the outside. So, we’ve put together a list of season’s emerging lingerie trends that you shouldn’t ignore!

Do you love conquering the mountains or would you rather relax to the soothing sounds of crashing sea waves? Or is the mystery laced mist of the hills that allures you? We believe that the choice of your holiday destinations says a lot about your personality, and consequently, the lingerie you might love!

“I will definitely take a long trip to Rishikesh this winter. I might even try bungee jumping and white water rafting!”, Nikita told herself. Years have passed since and she hasn’t been to Rishikesh yet. However, she’s been on a backpacking holiday to Croatia with her friends and taken severalroad trips with her boyfriend. Clearly, Nikita loves travel & adventure, but hasn’t travelled solo, despite wanting to do so for years!

All your bags are packed and you’re ready to go? Well, hold your horses. We’ve compiled a checklist you must go through before leaving for that big trip. Here’s to an eventful yet safe trip, ladies!

We all have our own reasons for travelling – whether it is soul-searching, overcoming fears or breaking the routine. Regardless of your purpose, you’re bound to experience and learn things differently by wandering off alone. If you are planning to take off on a journey all by yourself, here are a few things you could look forward to.

While the world celebrates International Women’s Day once a year on 8th of March, women world over win battles every day. So why wait for that one day to let people tell you how awesome you are? Why bask in all the self-love and glorification for just one day? Shouldn’t we be patting our own backs every time we save the day?

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