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Our love for stylish clothing knows no bound, with a special place in our heart for that trendy lingerie. And while we would like to build a room exclusively for our precious intimate wear, we must pick and choose our most essential bras to own!

Does an evening breeze ever tire you? Do you ever get bored of listening to your favourite artist? If you’ve answered at least one of these questions in negative, you’re probably a connoisseur of priceless experiences.

Much like your pair of old jeans, bras have a way of growing on you. They become so comfortable that you can’t imagine trading them in for a new pair. However, after a point, bras do get worn out and stop doing their job well. Many a time, an old bra might look wearable but will have limited functionality.

Picture sorting out a tangled heap of hooks, straps and delicate fabric. Every morning. Yes, lingerie can be difficult to organize, especially bras with all the exquisite lace, hooks and moulded cups with or without underwires. If you are one of those women who spend more than a minute every day to find their bra, there’s good news for you. What if we told you that all your underwear can be organized using minimal space and resources? Would life be a lot easier?

Having originated in ancient India, yoga has traversed all boundaries and is a popular lifestyle choice world over. Owing to its holistic approach to health and wellbeing, people from all walks of life have benefitted from practicing yoga. Thus, it doesn’t come as a surprise that 21stJune was declared as International Day of Yoga in 2015 by United Nations General Assembly.

What are those three words that rouse a warm feeling of love mingled with bouts of excitement? SALE! SALE! SALE! – if you were thinking “I love you”, we love you too, but you’re definitely not a shopaholic!

Bedroom is where you hit the reset button for your mind and body. An intensely personal space where you can relax, unwind and pamper yourself: night after night. Isn’t it your private chamber that is privy to your innermost thoughts and struggles? The very room that provides you all the comfort when you need to revive after an awfully tiring day?

Wouldn’t you agree that summers were a lot more desirable when you were growing up? Back in those days, the heat was just a small price to pay for all the lazy afternoon siestas, activity filled evenings with friends and cousins, and mango eating marathons during summer holidays. Unfortunately, things change drastically as you reach adulthood. While the evenings are still breezy, stepping out in the sun during the day is something we all want to avoid at any cost.

The Land of Smiles – this and a lot more phrases have been used to describe Thailand, a place of natural beauty, sun-kissed beaches, fascinating cultures and friendly locals. And you’ll end up having a smile on your face too, once you know that you can win a luxury trip to this country!

Indian summeris notorious for the unbearable heat it wreaks upon us. But, like they say, every cloud has a silver lining, and summer heat is no different. Imagine sipping on an iced latte on a sunny afternoon or taking a cool shower after a long sweaty day! Who can resist the charm of a breezy summer evening that beckons you to “slow walk” to the rhythm of whooshing leaves?

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